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Thank you for using our services. To govern the relationship established by your use of Medpharma.care ("Site"), or our application Medpharma, ("Application") and the Services offered by Medpharma therein, these Terms of Use ("Terms") constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, either in your capacity as an individual or on behalf of an organization or entity you legally represent ("you," "your", "yours"), and Medpharma Alliance, the owner and operator of Medpharma ("Medpharma", "us", "our"). These Terms apply to all users of the site, including without limitation browsers, vendors, customers, providers, and/or contributors of content ("Users"). You understand that Medpharma or any of Medpharma's affiliates reserves the right to limit or discontinue your use of the online services if you do not abide by these Terms or at the sole discretion of Medpharma. By accessing or using any part of the Site or Application, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms, as well as additional available guidelines, policies, or rules as applicable to the Site and Application, including, without limitation, the Medpharma Privacy Policy, which are incorporated by reference into this Terms. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS AND TO FOLLOW ALL APPLICABLE LAWS, GUIDELINES AND POLICIES, DO NOT ACCESS OR USE THE SITE.


  • OVERVIEW Our Services may include text, data, graphics, images, or other content (collectively, "Content") created by us or third parties, including health care providers and partners such as physicians, hospitals, doctors, laboratories, scan centers and pharmacies.
  • OUR SERVICES Our services include this Site and an application which allows users to book healthcare service and providers including e-prescription, e-consultation, or diagnostic labs for physical consultations. Our Public and Protected Services are collectively referred to as the "Services". In other words, our Services are only intended to help you search and book an appointment with a Provider. You acknowledge that some of the Services are made available under various names. You also acknowledge that the Services may be made available under (i) certain Medpharma subsidiaries and affiliates or (ii) independent Providers.

    • Public Services We make some Services available without registering or obtaining a password. We call these "Public Services." You may make personal, non-commercial use of the Public Services so long as you comply with these Terms. These Services include directories ("Directories") for physicians, medical consultants, and laboratory and scan centers' branches, collectively ("Providers"). The Directories are provided for your convenience. The Directories only include Providers who use our Services and who have chosen to participate in the Directories. The listing of a Provider within the Directories does not constitute a recommendation for the services of such Provider or a warranty of the certifications or qualifications of such Provider. As all information is relayed as submitted by the Providers, and while we make reasonable efforts to provide you with accurate content, we do not guarantee, represent, nor warrant, whether expressed or implied, the accuracy of any information with respect to professional qualifications, expertise, quality of work, price or cost information, insurance, or any other content available through the services. In no event shall we be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on any such content. We do not in any way endorse or recommend any individual or entity listed or accessible through the services. While bookings may be made through our site, we cannot guarantee the availability of the relevant Provider, nor can we foresee appointment cancellations.
    • Protected Services Some of our Services are protected by technical measures intended to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of sensitive information our Users store and share using our Services. We call these "Protected Services." One such safeguard is requiring each User to be properly authenticated by means of authorization ("Credentials"), such as unique identifiers, usernames, passwords, and the like. In order to obtain Credentials, you must provide certain information about yourself. If you are registering for a Protected Service, or accessing or using, or attempting to access or use, a Protected Service on behalf of, or for the benefit of, someone other than yourself - such as any of your family members (each, a "Principal") - you must also identify and provide information about each Principal. Further terms and conditions related to User Registration are highlighted in Section 6. These Protected Services are all Services that build you a personal Medical Record ("Medical Record"), such as receiving your medical information and results from Providers like laboratories, scan centers and physicians' accounts. This data is completely private and secured and we hereby guarantee so. You are the owner of the data and by clicking "I agree", you give the Providers the right to send you the information through your private account on the Site. In order to help you build your own electronic Medical Record, you may agree to send a copy of this data to the supplier doctor through our Services, which will be protected and kept private as well and cannot be shared with third parties. The supplier doctor will keep it under your name on his account for building your Medical Record at the clinic. In case you do not agree to keep a Medical Record of your data, you can send Medpharma your request expressing your desire not to share, and Medpharma shall comply with this request.
  • CONTENT Our Services allow you to access reviews and other forums where various Users can share information, opinions, ratings and other Content. We generally do not pre-screen or monitor submitted Content, and such Content may simply represent a user's opinion. Our Services may also include survey results, ratings or testimonials ("Evaluations") from users that may endorse, recommend, critique, analyze, evaluate or otherwise describe the Providers and the nature or quality of the Services received by such user. Such Evaluations are anecdotal first-hand accounts of individual Users, and do not constitute neither a Provider's judgment nor the product of medical science. You should understand that the Evaluations expressed therein are of those who provide the same, that it does not reflect the opinions of Medpharma, and does not in any way constitute or imply our endorsement or recommendation thereof. Thus, Medpharma shall not assume any liability for any of the posted Evaluations. Further, you should bear in mind that Evaluations are subject to errors and biases that are common in anecdotal first- hand accounts, and should not to be presumed to be reliable or error-free. Any Content that you obtain or receive from Medpharma, its employees, contractors, partners, sponsors, advertisers, licensors or otherwise through the Services, is for informational, scheduling and payment purposes only. All information is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice. The information offered on the Site is not a substitute for medical advice from qualified healthcare professionals. If you rely on any Content, including reviews, you do so solely at your own risk. We encourage you to independently confirm any Content relevant to you with other sources, including the Healthcare Provider's office, medical associations relevant to the applicable specialty, your state medical boards, and the appropriate licensing or certification authorities to verify listed credentials and education.


  • Medpharma and its affiliates consider the privacy of your health information to be one of the most important elements in our relationship with you. Our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your health information is one that we take very seriously. We are required by law to maintain the privacy and security of your protected health information. We will let you know promptly if a breach occurs that may have compromised the privacy or security of your information. We will not use or share your information other than as described here. You are the owner of the data and you share it when you need through our Site.
  • To further protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information housed and shared on Medpharma, as well as the stability of our Services, you agree to the following additional safeguards. Accordingly, you agree that you will not, nor will you attempt to:
    • Access, use or disseminate our Services, nor any information or files accessible via our Services, in a manner that violates any applicable law or regulation or the rights of any individual or entity;
    • Sell or transfer any information included in our Services or use such information to market any product or service - including by sending, or facilitating the sending of, unsolicited emails or SPAM;
    • Probe, scan or test the vulnerability of our Services, or of the system or network supporting our Services, or circumvent any security or authentication measures;
    • Disable, bypass, defeat, avoid, remove, deactivate or otherwise circumvent any technical measures we have implemented to safeguard the stability of our Services, or the confidentiality, integrity or availability of any information, content or data hosted or housed on our Services;
    • Introduce to our Services any software, code or other device that in any way (i) permits unauthorized access to our systems or any software, hardware, files or data located thereon, (ii) disables or damages or otherwise interferes with or adversely affects the operation of our systems or any software, hardware, files or data located thereon, or (iii) overburdens or interferes with the proper functioning of our Services;
    • harvest, retrieve, index or publish any portion of our Services unless you are a public search engine engaging in public search services;
    • Disable or circumvent our API usage safeguards, including safeguards designed to regulate the nature or amount of data you are permitted to extract from our Services, or the frequency of which you may access such data; or make calls to our API other than those authorized in our API documentation;
    • Remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices contained in or on our Services; or Engage in any activity other than those expressly permitted in these Terms.

    Further information regarding our privacy measures can be found in our Privacy Policy.