What is MedPharma ?
Medpharma is a social enterprise (mobile and web technology platform) which digitizes healthcare through an aggregation of PROVIDERS (Hospitals, Pharmacies and Laboratories), DRUGS (Over the Counter drugs, prescriptions and medical devices), SPECIALISTS (Doctors and Pharmacists) and the PATIENT.
Are you a health institution (pharmacy, Clinic, Hospital, Laboratory, Pharmacist or Doctor)?
Is MedPharma tele-medicine ?
Who can use MedPharma ?
What drugs can I buy on the MedPharma platform ?
How do I upload my prescription ?
Where does my prescription go ?
Who reviews my prescription ?
How soon can my prescription be delivered to me ?
Can I buy a prescription medication without a prescription on the MedPharma platform ?
Will MedPharma detain my prescription on fulfillment ?
Will MedPharma fulfill my prescription if I don’t show and provide my prescription ?
Will MedPharma call my health professional, if they are in doubt ?
What drugs can I buy on the MedPharma platform without prescription ?
How would I know MedPharma can fulfill my drugs after uploading my prescription ?
Is the MedPharma platform 24 hours ?
What are the means of payment on the MedPharma platform ?
How would I know how to take my drugs ?
If I have an emergency, who can I call ?
Would I be served fake drugs ?
Would MedPharma switch my prescription ?
Can I return my drug after delivery ?
Would I get the exact type, brand and strength of my drug ?
What happens if MedPharma cannot serve me my drug ?
What is the wait time to know if my drug can be fulfilled by Medpharma ?
What is the medium / media of communication on the MedPharma platform ?
Who should I complain to if I have a problem ?
How often can I use the MedPharma platform to buy drugs or other products ?
Where will my drug be delivered ?
How much is delivery cost ?
Is it expensive to buy on the MedPharma Platform ?
Is MedPharma nationwide ?