About Us

MedPharma is a tech-health social impact enterprise established in 2016 to improve the health status of patients across Africa. Our health improvement support provide access to medical practitioners, access to safe and affordable medicines. A team of technology experts, doctors, social marketers and sustainability professionals have therefore come together to address some of the critical healthcare issues in Africa, that is, timely access to medical practitioners and provision of original, good quality medicines at affordable prices. Medpharma provides a mobile and web application which digitizes healthcare through an aggregation of Providers (Hospitals, Pharmacies and Laboratories), drugs (Over the Counter drugs, prescriptions and medical devices), Specialists (Doctors and Pharmacists) and the patient.

WeCare, the E-consultation service under Medpharma makes it possible for patients to book an appointment with any healthcare provider through video conferencing or text messaging. Patients can also store their medical records and monitor their health progress remotely. Through our platform, patients can also get access to medicines conveniently delivered to their doorstep at any location of their choice. To ensure patient privacy and engagement with practitioners, Medpharma provides and operates a comprehensive back office counselling schedule for customers and all records are encrypted. MedPharma is committed to supporting private sector involvement in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly, Good Health and Well-being (SDG 3) and Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17).